Camera Obscura

It’s not every day my picture’s on the cover of a magazine.  Actually, it’s not every decade.  But there I am on the cover of the new Quill & Quire for March (Canada’s book industry bible).  It was fun doing the shoot – fog machine! espresso! – but I’m generally rather Amish in my attitude toward having my picture taken, feeling some part of my soul is stolen (or simply warped) in the process.

Anyhow, it’s kind of an insane shot and I’m pleased with it for its insanity.  Here’s a link to the image if you’re curious (and by all means pick up the magazine to read the profile by Gary Butler within).

Thanks to Rino Noto, the amazing photographer, for capturing something I didn’t know was in there.

Quill & Quire – Cover Photo (March)

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