WILLIAM — Cover Reveal!

Here it is!

The cover design for William, the debut novel to be published under my sci-fi/thriller pen name, Mason Coile, is here. I’ve had many different responses to seeing covers for my books for the first time, but I don’t think I’ve ever loved one so immediately and intensely as this one. Thanks to everyone at Putnam for adapting the particular feel of the novel into an image that both invites and troubles.

William is out on September 3, 2024. But don’t let that stop you from pre-ordering!




I have a new novel coming out in 2024. It’s called William.

The twist in the plot is that it’s being published under a pseudonym, Mason Coile. Why? A few reasons, really. It’s a different sort of book for me — a thriller flavored with sci-fi and horror, and distinct in its structure (as you’ll see). I also have plans for a sequence of Mason Coile books that relate in a thematic way.

I’m excited to say that William is meeting with a lot of enthusiasm so far out there in Pre-Publication World: it has amazing editors and publishers in the US (Putnam), UK (John Murray/Baskerville), and multiple foreign translations at great houses already lined up.

I can also say that I haven’t been this psyched for a book to reach readers since, well, my first novel a long time ago. (Twenty-three years, but who’s counting?)

I invite you to track William as it makes its way into the world!

Into 2023

Happy New Year!

There’s a lot of exciting projects simmering away in my book kitchen, and I’m looking forward to sharing more details down the line. In the meantime, here’s wishing you a healthy and loving 2023…and the time to read your ass off.


He’s back!

Excited to announce that, on May 18, Joshua Jackson returns as Nate Russo in ORACLE 2: THE DREAMLAND MURDERS. Along with a terrific, full cast including Humberly Gonzalez and Devon Bostick, ORACLE 2 is an original audio drama that I wrote as a follow-up to the audiobook.

ORACLE 2: THE DREAMLAND MURDERS is available only on Audible. But you can pre-order now!


Excited to announce that a feature-length documentary (with fictionalized – and scary! – re-enactments) is coming to Discovery + where it launches on November 26.

Demon in the White House is inspired by the research I did for The Residence into the history of supernatural encounters in the presidential home. I also act as an Executive Producer on the project.