Into 2023

Happy New Year!

There’s a lot of exciting projects simmering away in my book kitchen, and I’m looking forward to sharing more details down the line. In the meantime, here’s wishing you a healthy and loving 2023…and the time to read your ass off.


He’s back!

Excited to announce that, on May 18, Joshua Jackson returns as Nate Russo in ORACLE 2: THE DREAMLAND MURDERS. Along with a terrific, full cast including Humberly Gonzalez and Devon Bostick, ORACLE 2 is an original audio drama that I wrote as a follow-up to the audiobook.

ORACLE 2: THE DREAMLAND MURDERS is available only on Audible. But you can pre-order now!


Excited to announce that a feature-length documentary (with fictionalized – and scary! – re-enactments) is coming to Discovery + where it launches on November 26.

Demon in the White House is inspired by the research I did for The Residence into the history of supernatural encounters in the presidential home. I also act as an Executive Producer on the project.

ORACLE is Here!

My audio-only new thriller, ORACLE, is out now! Not only that, I can reveal that its narrator (and the star of the forthcoming audio drama that I also wrote, ORACLE: THE DREAMLAND MURDERS) is the brilliant Joshua Jackson.

As you’ll see – that is, hear – Josh is the perfect Nate Russo. I’m so pleased with what he’s brought to this project. Hope you give it a listen.

(ORACLE is available exclusively on Audible).

The Residence in USA Today

The Residence is recommended for a Halloween read by USA Today!

“Cross White House history with The Shining and you’ve got Pyper’s occult-filled novel…There’s plenty of satisfying horror to be had, though The Residence also presents an interesting love story and nicely weaves in American’s struggles with war and slavery.”

— USA Today