5 Reasons to Come to The Demonologist Launch

1.  Book launches are sexy.  Why?  Well, books themselves are sexy – we all know that.  But at a book launch you get to be around other people who also think books are sexy which is, in turn, doubly sexy.  Single?  Hey, it’s as good a place to hook up as anywhere else on a chilly Monday night in early March.

2.  There will be entertainment of a kind.  That is, I will give a short, mildly freaky reading, then answer questions from the lovely and talented novelist and Globe and Mail columnist Russell Smith.  Oh, and there’s a bar.

3.  You can buy a book and have it signed.  This may sound self-serving, and it is, but you can think of it as an investment if you like.  A hardcover book signed by the author!  In twenty years, you could retire on that (if a series of certain almost unimaginable events were to occur over that time, including my reaching an Elvis-level of mythological fame and the abrupt discontinuation of all books, and pens, and handwriting).

4.  You might make a new friend.  Yes, this is also true of a streetcar ride or a morning spent in a dentist’s waiting room or the random following of strangers on Twitter, but still, you might.  And did I mention there’s a bar?

5.  It’s free.

The Demonologist launch is at the Gladstone Hotel (1214 Queen West, Toronto), the Ballroom, on Monday, March 4th at 7PM.  To be sure of a seat, it might be a good idea to come a bit early.  Hit that bar I mentioned.  Couldn’t hurt.


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