Lost Girls

“Dead or alive something happened to them, and now all that’s left is Laird’s collected bits and pieces, a wrinkled envelope marked SOUVENIRS. Their handwriting speaks in my ear as I read it. The hair glints as though the sull light of the desk lamp is instead the brilliant luster of an afternoon sun. The bracelet warmed by an imagined wrist, its delicate pulses of blood.

Here and then not here.
taken from the world but not understandably, without motive or reason or story. To disappear is not to be denied an ending to yourself, the one gift that death can give,”

–excerpted from Lost Girls

Lost Girls is an audacious, literary thriller that catches the reader off guard at every turn, a single mystery that fractures into many, a story of ghosts both real and imagined. Veined with dark humor and cinematic in its vividness, it’s a novel that dares to take us into dangerous territory, where crimes may be committed by mind and memory.