Came home from a week away teaching in Colorado to find the first, hot-off-the-press, for reals edition of The Damned! And you can bring this seemingly harmless document into your own home on February 10…


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The Damned Movie News!

I’m so thrilled to share the announcement that The Damned has taken its first step toward the movies!  The film rights to the novel have been acquired by Legendary Pictures, a studio that has made some of my favorite movies of the last decade or so.

Couldn’t be happier about where my nasty little offspring found a home.

Variety – Legendary Options The Damned

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The Damned in Publishers Weekly

“In this literate supernatural thriller…as in the best horror, Pyper’s keen eye for the quotidian makes the fantastic feel plausible.”

— Publishers Weekly

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Look at all the little baby Demonologists!  (They will toddle off into the world – only in Canada – on December 30).



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Me and Sarah

Thought I’d share a pic of me and my brilliant editor at Simon & Schuster, Sarah Knight, taken last night after an event at the International Festival of Authors in Toronto.  (We don’t smile like that when taking kicks at first drafts, I can tell you).

Me and Sarah

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Marcus Sakey on The Damned

And another writer I think is great – Marcus Sakey in this case – has something nice to say about The Damned!

“It’s an uncommon novel that moves a reader, and a rare one that frightens them, but only the most extraordinary accomplish both at the same time. Enter The Damned, a tour de force that sinks sticky claws into the soft dark places in your psyche—and refuses to let go, no matter how you squirm.”

— Marcus Sakey, author of The Blade Itself and the Brilliance Saga

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…and another!

Wow.  Got another recommendation for The Damned today by a writer I really admire, in this case Jennifer McMahon:

“Prepare yourself for a sleepless night or two once you’ve settled in with this smart, suspenseful and absolutely terrifying book that takes the bad seed concept to a whole new level.   Pyper has the unique ability to take us to the darkest places and convince us that the things we find there are not only entirely possible and real, but that we might just take some piece of them back with us once we close the cover and turn out the lights.”

Jennifer McMahon, New York Times bestselling author of The Winter People

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The Damned gets a thumbs up

Got a great endorsement from author Lauren Beukes for The Damned today! (If you haven’t read Lauren’s scary, super-smart The Shining Girls or Broken Monsters, you really should.  Her writing is insightful, often funny, and her scares are wonderfully weird and dark as the inside of a cow.  Big fan).

Pyper is a master architect of dread…Compulsive and nerve-jangling, The Damned is a story about personal hells and the relationships that haunt us.”

– Lauren Beukes, author of The Shining Girls and Broken Monsters

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A Boozy Toronto Walkabout

Over at the BlogTO site, I take a visiting writer on a day out in my hometown of Toronto. Plus some of my other beloved Toronto places and things to do. It’s kind of my own personal mini Lonely Planet guide.

Tour of Toronto

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The Damned – Teaser

If you’re a member on Wattpad, or are thinking of becoming one, or you’ve never heard of it but you like the idea of reading free stuff, there’s a teaser chapter from my forthcoming novel, The Damned, up there now.  Go on.  Be teased!

The Damned – Wattpad Teaser

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