The Demonologist – UK Cover

The publication date may not be entirely settled yet (it will be some time in the first months of 2013) and there may yet be some tweaks to come, but I thought I’d share Orion’s cover design for The Demonologist in the UK!

I really like it, though I was at first surprised by its “historical” vibe (the novel is set in the present day).  But then, given the mythological context of the story – Paradise Lost, ancient spirits, original sin – it makes a lot of sense.  Plus Venice is just simultaneously beautiful and haunting and somehow corrupt-looking in a way I love.  I particularly like the font they’ve chosen for the title.  Again, not what I would have expected, but it has a creepiness all its own.

There’s also a couple little visual surprises buried in the image.  Look carefully:  there’s a girl falling from one of the rooftops.  Look carefully again:  there’s a classical demon “face” in the waves of the Grand Canal.

And big thanks to SJ Watson (he of the brilliant Before I Go to Sleep) for the cover blurb!  Here’s the full text of his comment:  “Plenty of books claim to be scary, but this is genuinely terrifying, don’t-read-late-at-night stuff.  Thrilling, compelling and beautifully written, The Demonologist makes Rosemary’s Baby feel like a walk in the park.”  Naturally, that Rosemary’s Baby comparison is particularly gratifying…

(I should add that it’s interesting how completely different the cover is turning out to be for the US and Canada – but more about that another day).

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