The Guardians’ US release date!

What’s so great about September 13th?  No, it’s not a Friday, so it won’t remind you of those horror movies featuring Jason Voorhees, the unforgiving ghoul with the machete in the goalie mask.  And no, it’s not my birthday (so please no gifts, unless you had a bottle of Redbreast Irish in mind).  I’ll TELL you what so great about September 13th…

It’s the publication date for The Guardians in the US!  And it doesn’t stop there:  September 13th is also the publication date for The Guardians trade paperback edition in Canada.

Mark your calendars!  Clear the day of all meetings!  Wash your sleeping bag and spend the night of the 12th outside your favourite bookstore to be the first in line!  (Okay, I’m excited.  Hyperbole is a side effect).

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