Thriller Fest in New York

I am a Writers Convention virgin, at least when it comes to the US.  No Bouchercon (yet), no Bram Stoker Weekend (definitely curious).  But I’m about to lose it (as it were) in New York this year for Thriller Fest.  There’s an amazing line-up of top-rate writers, and the panels sound actually interesting (hard to make a panel topic sound intriguing, but they’ve managed it).  Though I will be meeting with some of my editors there, and a hardy clutch of Canadians will be in attendance, I’m feeling some first-day-of-school nerves about it all.  Excited, in other words.

If you’re planning on being at Thriller Fest this year, or are in New York July 8th and 9th and are inclined to head over to the Grand Hyatt, love to meet you.  Otherwise, I’ll let you know how it went once I’m home…

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