I Write About the Supernatural. But Do I Believe In It?

My answer-in-progress to a question readers ask me a lot.  A hint as to where I’m leaning:

“To write about the supernatural requires, I think, at least an admission to its possibility on the part of the author, if not outright belief. Otherwise it would be like a sociopath writing about love.”

Is It a Supernatural World? And Do We Just Live in It?

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2 Responses to I Write About the Supernatural. But Do I Believe In It?

  1. paula moon says:

    I have just read The Demonologist and I am a little baffled at the end. Is he alive and has saved his daughter, has it all been a dream, is he dead and is now reunited with his daughter. Was it all about him and the parts of his life that needed to be healed. Please answer me and let me know what the author intended. I could not put the book down but I am not sure whether they all lived happily ever after.!!!!

    • Andrew Pyper says:

      Hi Paula — The novel’s conclusion is meant to be in the reader’s hands, in many ways. How you come to believe (or not believe) in the story’s supernatural aspects is a journey that mirrors David’s journey. Where you make your own spiritual investment determines the outcome on a reader-by-reader basis. Speaking personally, I see the ending in the most positive light…but that’s just me!

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