My Naughtiest of All-Time Naughty List

Chatelaine Magazine asked me what my Top 5 Thriller Reads of All Time are, and though it was hard as hell to shave it down to a number that small, it was fun to really ask myself what books have stayed with me, influenced me, rewired my brain the most.

Read! Violently Disagree!  Cheer! Read the books! Repeat!

Chatelaine – Top 5 Thrillers of All Time

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3 Responses to My Naughtiest of All-Time Naughty List

  1. Vicki Stone says:

    Scary books-have you ever read Peter Straub? One of the best writing in the horror genre. Read Mystery; Ghost Story; Mr. X; Lost Boy, Lost Girl; ad infinitum…

    Master of the macabre.

  2. Shelley says:

    Where is the listing of the other books you have written

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