The Demonologist…Nine Straight Weeks!

Wowza!  (Is that even a word?  I don’t care.  I’ve never really liked “Yowza” and, to hell with it, I just like “Wowza”).  Let me try that again…

Wowza!  The Demonologist is a National Bestseller in Canada for a 9th straight week.  Thanks, y’all.

The Demonologist – Maclean’s Bestseller List, May 8, 2013

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2 Responses to The Demonologist…Nine Straight Weeks!

  1. Andrew, I just have to say I am hooked! I read a review in a magazine in my Dr.s office about your latest novel, The Demonologist, and I decided to put the romance novels on the shelf for awhile and take a different venue. I have now completed three of your novels and must say they are a fantastic read!!! Page by page I have been hanging on the edge of my seat waiting to know what happens next. I cannot go back to romance, I am too looking forward to reading more of what you have created. Thank you 🙂

  2. Philippe says:

    It is an amazing book! Very well written! Direct to the point, great pace, doesn’t let you down any minute. Love it.

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