If You Need a Good Laugh Today

Here’s a link to the cover of my first “published” book, The Dream.  I was in Grade Five.  (For the biggest laugh – entirely at my own expense – note, in particular, the author’s photo on the back cover.)

Okay, I was a nerd.  Am a nerd.  When you’re born that way, you’ve got no choice but to wear it with pride.

The Dream – By Andrew Pyper, Grade Five

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  1. I first read your book The Demonologist and am now hooked on all of your writing. As a fan of horror, psychological thrillers, and cold cases, and a writer myself, I find myself entranced by your insightful and poetic style that simultaneously draws the reader into a web of intrigue, horror and empathy for the characters presented in your books. Can’t wait for another!

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