Happy Demonological New Year!

Happy New Year, dearest friends and strangers!  I hope you’re pumped for 2013, or at the very least coming off the holidays well-fed and well-loved and more or less ready for the curve balls that are inevitably on their way…

This is my first day back at the desk in a while, and my first task was hanging up the new calendar.  And then, the jolt that came with doing the mental math:  The Demonologist comes out just two months from now.  It’s been far away for so long that, now it’s so close, it’s taken me by surprise.

What also took me (pleasantly) by surprise was to see the book chosen by The Toronto Star as one of six books to get excited about in the first half of 2013.  I’m honoured that The Demonologist was picked, but should add a couple small corrections to what they reported:  1)  I’m not the author of The Historian, though I enjoyed reading it, and b) my novel is published on March 5 in Canada and the US, and in April in the UK.

Here’s wishing you all a kick-ass 2013!

Toronto Star – Six of the Best in 2013

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