Jeffery Deaver on The Demonologist

So you finish a novel.  And then what happens is, even prior to publication, early readers get their hands on it (or have it thrust into their hands).  They read it.  Simple, right?  Yes.  But also nerve-wracking, because these early readers are often professional readers who know their stuff.  Leading booksellers, critics, successful authors.  When one takes the time to read your not-yet-officially-in-existence book and then ends up liking it?  I’m telling you, it lets you take a breath or two of untroubled air.  One more person in the world who doesn’t think you’re nuts!

So – deep breath – I’m pleased to share the kind words from the internationally bestselling mystery and thriller author (and also recent new James Bond writer) Jeffery Deaver on The Demonologist:

“Richly crafted, deliriously scary and compulsively page-turning from beginning to end.  Imagine The Exorcist and The Da Vinci Code as penned by Daphne du Maurier.  Don’t miss this one!”  – Jeffery Deaver


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