Outlines: The Smackdown

Over at the CBC Books website (an excellent – and sometimes even edifying – time-waster) there’s a debate between my friend and fellow writer Sheila Heti and myself about the matter of outlines.  I’m in favour, Sheila against.

As both Sheila and I agree, however, there’s no right or wrong way to write a book.  Whatever works for you…works.  There’s nothing to debate really.  But in the spirit of offering advice that’s worked for me (advice intended for fellow toilers looking for advice) I wanted to make the case for spending more time on the pre-writing phase.  Spitballing.  What if-ing.  Testing.  Pitching.

Not only because it helps (which I believe it does), but because it’s such a creatively exciting step in the long walk.

CBC Books – Literary Smackdown

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