The Fall

I’ve been reading Milton’s Paradise Lost a lot these days (it plays an important role in the novel I’m working on) and so, whenever I hear someone say “the fall,” I automatically think of Adam and Eve, the Original Sin, ambitious angels-turned-demons, evil and the like.  Of course, fall also refers to the autumn, which is (sorry!) just around the corner.  It may bring you forbidden fruit, or maybe just soggy leaves in the yard.  I can tell you that it looks like it’s bringing me a busier-than-expected bunch of readings and appearances. (They have a way of sneaking in, even when you’re battening down the hatches).

If you go over to the Readings & Appearances page here, there is now an updated list of things you may want to come out to.  I would, as always, be very happy to meet you, see you again, or just read to your anonymous self in the back row.

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