Home from New York

Home from a few days in a cruelly hot New York City, where I had a blast on a number of fronts.  First, I met some new friends at Thriller Fest, including the novelist Sophie Littlefield.  I was planning on writing a summary of the panel I was on, but Sophie has already done so, and with her own well-argued interpretation and questions and critique, so all I’m going to do is link to her blog.  Thanks, Sophie!

Sophie Littlefield – Pens Fatale

On one of my free evenings, I saw a play.  Not just any play, mind you, but the best contemporary play I’ve ever seen.  It’s called Jerusalem, by Jez Butterworth.  I could link to reviews, or provide my own synopsis, but I honestly don’t want to taint the experience if you decide to see it.  And friends, if you have the time and dollars to get yourself to NYC within the next few weeks before it closes, you have to see this thing.  Because it’s not only the best play out there, it features the best stage performance I’ve ever seen.

Mark Rylance:  you are a genius, sir.

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