The Guardians spooks The Netherlands

The Guardians has recently appeared in its Dutch translation, and the reviews have quite possibly been the most enthusiastic of them all (and this is saying something, as I have to say that, overall, The Guardians has been the best-reviewed of all my novels).  Here’s a couple samples:

“* * * * * [Five stars].  Beautifully written…The characters are drawn with extraordinary skill.”  — de Volkskrant

“Brilliant…The Guardians is an excellent and unique thriller, the kind that makes your heart beat faster and faster.  Pyper excels at the ghostly, and the supernatural elements have been worked out perfectly.” — NRC Handelsblad

I am especially happy about these notices because, of all the publishers that have brought my novels to print, my longest relationship has been with Ambo|Anthos.  It’s funny, but my Dutch publisher is the only one to have published all of my novels.  I love them for this, but also for their publisher, Chris Herschdorfer.  On the occasions I have travelled to Amsterdam for booky reasons, Chris always takes me to this ancient bar that serves an equally ancient, yellowy gin.  We mean only to have one, but drink three.  Also, a few years ago, when Ambo|Anthos was celebrating the 10th anniversary of their Literary Thriller list, they – get this – flew me over to Amsterdam for the party.  And it was one hell of a party.

Now that’s a publisher.

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