The Guardians a National Bestseller!

Just wanted to share the great news that The Guardians is a National Bestseller in its first week out in Canada!  It debuts at #5 on the Maclean’s fiction list.  Thank you to those who headed straight down to the bookstore to grab a copy.  I always hoped you existed, but wasn’t sure…until now.

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  1. Brenda Ough says:

    Congratulations to Andrew Pyper on the success of this book. It deserves all the great reviews it has received. I loved The Guardians….couldn’t put it down. It is probably the best horror novel I have ever read. And so well written….I particularly enjoyed the depiction of “small town” life….complete with hockey rink…..and “haunted house” of course…..

    I am definitely reading more by Andrew Pyper and looking forward to further writing.

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