THE ONLY CHILD is a National Bestseller!

Thanks so much to all who’ve helped make The Only Child a bestseller here in Canada.

It means a lot to know there are people out there who are interested in reading a new book of mine based on their reading of previous books. It also means a lot to know that some of you are newbies who heard about it – or maybe just saw it on a bookstore shelf – and thought “I’ll give that spooky-looking number a try.”

Virtual champagne all round!


The Only Child in the Toronto Star

Wanted to share a feature review of The Only Child in today’s Toronto Star.

It makes it sound like the kind of book I’d most definitely want to read. If I didn’t already know the story. And knew where all the ideas came from. And the research the author did. And hadn’t written it myself.

“Pyper upends genre conventions once again…a high-concept dark fantasy novel. Lily’s journeys with a monster who inspired the very literary tradition Pyper so skilfully exploits provides…a satisfying confrontation with darkness, both personal and mythological, that readers expect from the best horror.”

— Toronto Star

The Only Child – Toronto Star review

The Only Child…is BORN!

Okay, so maybe I’m leaning a little too hard on the birth/children metaphors here, but when you’ve written a novel called The Only Child and it’s now out in stores, it’s pretty hard to resist.

If you like the gothic, or existential thrillers, or Frankenstein or Dracula or Jekyll & Hyde, or a spooky beach/dock/sofa read regardless of its category…The Only Child is for you!

Hope you get a kick out of it.


I’ve made some updates to the Appearances page here, so check it out and come on by, wherever that may be.

There will be more such dates and details to come soon…

Megan Abbott on THE ONLY CHILD

I’m a big-time fan of Megan Abbott’s novels. I see them as stories about obsession and obsessiveness that are, in themselves, energized by obsession and obsessiveness. Genuine psychological thrillers, in other words.

It’s why I’m so chuffed that she has kind words to say about The Only Child!

“Andrew Pyper has concocted a darkly entrancing tale that sweeps you off your feet from its first pages. Filled with deliriously clever nods to the grand Gothic tradition, The Only Child is also fiercely original, wildly provocative and utterly satisfying, beginning to end.”

— Megan Abbott, bestselling author of The Fever and You Will Know Me

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Over the holidays, I’ve been getting some early reader responses to my new book, The Only Child, and it’s been cause for gratitude on top of the usual causes for gratitude.

Here’s a first comment I’d like to share, from the amazing Ami McKay, a writer whose gothic tastes merge with my own:

“In The Only Child, Andrew Pyper has delivered a seductive gothic thriller for the modern age. Crafted with dark intrigue and cinematic drive, this mesmerizing journey into the heart of a monster is, at once, compelling, eerie and brilliantly satisfying.”

– Ami McKay, author of The Birth House and The Witches of New York


Cover Reveal!!

Here it is! The cover for The Only Child.

I hope you like it along with the words inside it, the latter available June 7, 2017.