The Only Child

Okay, so I’ve got some news. Not necessarily earth-shattering, unless of course it’s the earth under the house in which I write this, which feels like it’s trembling, ever so slightly.

After thinking about it for some years, writing it over another year, then editing the bejesus out of it, followed by a long debate over its title…my new book is finished(ish)!!

The title? The Only Child. When’s it out? It will be published on June 1 in Canada and the U.S. by Simon & Schuster Canada and Simon & Schuster, respectively. It will come out with Orion in the U.K. a couple weeks later.

More soon on what the book is about and all that, but for now, yes, happy.

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Os Condenados

My Brazilian publisher, DarkSide Books, did an amazing job in so many ways when they brought out The Demonologist. Among their notable talents is the original design concepts they bring to their books.

Now their edition of The DamnedOs Condenados – is coming out next week and for the layout they commissioned Ramon Rodrigues to do original cut prints for the front and back spreads. Here’s a video of the artist creating the prints, and how they look in the book. Gorgeous.


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Make Me Read

This is funny. I, along with a number of other authors, taped segments for a web series called “Make Me Read,” where the writers try to convince young comedians to read their book. Here’s my segment:

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The Damned – Os Condenados – is Coming to Brazil!

My amazing Brazilian publisher, DarkSide Books, is publishing their edition of The Damned (Os Condenados) in June and I have to say it looks like they’ve done another great job of it.  Here’s the posts to the book trailer, info page, and the author pic they’ve done (I personally like the way hell’s fire warms my cheek).


Os Condenados – Publisher’s Info Page

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Biology of Story

A while back I did a wide-ranging interview with the screenwriter and professor Amnon Buchbinder for his massive, collective online project about narrative called The Biology of Story.  The whole project is now up and available now, and you should check it out.  My page is here (at the link), but you can easily navigate to other topics, people, tips and approaches not only to novels and written stories but TV and filmmaking.

The Biology of Story

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Hell: A Survivor’s Guide

I participated in a documentary airing on Vision TV (and elsewhere) titled Hell: A Survivor’s Guide.

Here’s a clip:

Hell: A Survivor’s Guide

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They’re (almost) here!

Came home from vacation to find these beauties!

(The paperback edition of The Damned is out in Canada and the U.S. on Feb. 9).


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Cover Reveal! Paperback of THE DAMNED

Here’s the trade paperback cover design of The Damned that Simon & Schuster has come up with for Canada and the U.S.  I really like it.  But then again, I’m the sort who can stare into a fire for hours, seeing faces and figures jump out from the flames.  Which makes this cover a treat both for those pondering the underworld and pyros.


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Walk Down Memory Desk Lane…

Finally going through the nest of stuff in my office’s cubbyhole and came across a photo of me at the desk where I wrote The Wildfire Season.

This was in the summer of 2004, in a 12×12 apartment (room? closet?) we rented in the Log Skyscraper (google it to see) in downtown Whitehorse, Yukon.  An amazing summer: paddled down the Yukon River, wrote a book, proposed marriage.  Best of my life, come to think of it.


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The Demonologist a Horror Must-Read

I like lists.  Best Ofs and Most Oftens and Worst Evers.  They don’t necessarily bear great meaning, but they provoke conversation, and the creation of more lists.

The Demonologist made a list the other day, so naturally I thought I’d share the news (and perhaps provoke conversation).  The BuzzFeed Community voted on and created “23 Under-rated Horror Novels You Have to Read ASAP.”  Check it out and see what you think.

23 Underrated Horror Novels You Have to Read ASAP

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