Not News…Just Summer

While things have gotten rather exciting around here on the books and work front, none of it is stuff I’m permitted to announce yet. But I wanted to provide an update on my summer in any case, which has basically involved me doing everything in my power to maximize my time looking at this.


It’s that time of year when you lurch from your job to whatever summer holidays you’ve carved out and find yourself plagued by a single question: What do I read?

Well, the CBC has a list for that. And The Homecoming is on it. Check it out here:

CBC Summer Reads

Upcoming Appearances

It’s early days, but I’ve received some invitation to come and talk, read or teach in places over the coming months. You can check out changes on the Readings & Appearances page. If you see that I’m barreling into your town it would be great to see you, meet you, or field your questions about pretty damn near anything.

National Bestseller!


Bowled over to be able to say that The Homecoming is a National Bestseller in Canada its first week out!

It’s at the #4 spot on the fiction list in both the Toronto Star and Globe and Mail.

Massive thanks to all who read and bought and nudged friends and others to do the same. Drinks on me!

The Homecoming in The Globe and Mail

The Homecoming‘s first newspaper review is in The Globe and Mail, and it’s terrific!

“One assumes the book was written beneath a full moon…Pyper’s petrifying imagination comes through in the details…The Homecoming creates a battle between the reader’s faith in what they know about their own histories and the leery possibility of treachery emerging out of nowhere. Pyper’s craftsmanship knows no limit when it comes to making the reader confront their own inescapable fears.”

I’d link to the full review but it requires a subscription. By all means please check it out if you have one!