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Westward, Ho!

I’m doing a couple readings in Calgary and Vancouver in the days to come and it would be great to see you there.  Both events are free, so don’t let the depressing credit card bills from the holidays keep you … More

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The Guardians a National Bestseller!

Just wanted to share the great news that The Guardians is a National Bestseller in its first week out in Canada!  It debuts at #5 on the Maclean’s fiction list.  Thank you to those who headed straight down to the … More

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The Sleep Disruption Test

Officially speaking, I’m a novelist.  But I’m really in the sleep disruption business.  While it is gratifying when a reader or reviewer provides thoughtful analysis of my books’ themes or ideas or techniques, I always remind myself that the true … More

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The Guardians a review virgin no more

I’m not going to write a post every time a review for the new novel comes out, I promise.  But I was just sent the first major newspaper review for The Guardians at the National Post.  I’m relieved to say … More

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The Guardians on the shelves!

You know what I’m going to do today?  I’m going to stroll into a bookstore to see The Guardians on the shelf.  Because they’re there (the interweb told me)!  And there’s nothing quite like that first sight of a pub … More

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