Os Condenados

My Brazilian publisher, DarkSide Books, did an amazing job in so many ways when they brought out The Demonologist. Among their notable talents is the original design concepts they bring to their books.

Now their edition of The DamnedOs Condenados – is coming out next week and for the layout they commissioned Ramon Rodrigues to do original cut prints for the front and back spreads. Here’s a video of the artist creating the prints, and how they look in the book. Gorgeous.


Cover Reveal! Paperback of THE DAMNED

Here’s the trade paperback cover design of The Damned that Simon & Schuster has come up with for Canada and the U.S.  I really like it.  But then again, I’m the sort who can stare into a fire for hours, seeing faces and figures jump out from the flames.  Which makes this cover a treat both for those pondering the underworld and pyros.


The Damned in The New York Times!

I’m honored to see The Damned right next to Clive Barker’s new book in Terrence Rafferty’s roundup of recent horror novels in The New York Times.

“Smart, inventive….this is what demons—living or otherwise, human or not—do best: they mesmerize, they seduce, they stop us in our tracks.” — New York Times Book Review

Check out the whole piece here:

The Damned – The New York Times review

NOW Magazine cover!

NOW Magazine, the alternative culture bible of my town, Toronto, has been around a long time.  And this week, my bloody mug is on the cover!

It’s an honest-to-god thrill, as is the idea that tomorrow morning, the good people of Toronto will be looking at my face and wondering “What’s with that guy?”

NOW Magazine – Cover Profile

The Damned – A Rave in the Globe and Mail!

In its first major newspaper review, I’m thrilled to say that The Damned gets a rave in The Globe and Mail (one of Canada’s two national newspapers)!

“Pyper has more than mastered the art of the profluent plot and The Damned guarantees many sleepless nights…will get your heart racing without insulting your intelligence.  A brilliant conceit…”  — The Globe and Mail

Check out the whole review by Sara O’Leary here:

The Damned – Review in The Globe and Mail

Publication Day for THE DAMNED!!

It’s Publication Day for my latest, and I’m excited for all the reasons you’d expect. But mostly, I’m looking forward to hearing – in person, online, one way or another – what you think of it.  It’s a book I’m particularly proud of (can a parent say that without hurting the feelings of his other children?  No?  Then I just whispered it).

If you’re interested in where the novel came from, creatively speaking, here’s a covers-all-the-bases interview from the excellent blog 49th Shelf:

THE DAMNED Interview – 49th Shelf

The National Post Asks a Question

Over the weekend, the National Post published a full profile of me and The Damned written by the very skilled Alex Huls.  The piece asks if I’m the “next Stephen King,” and while the answer to that is simple – no, there can only be one Stephen King! – it’s a smart piece that’s definitely worth a read if you’re interested in the new book.

Also, definitely click on the video that’s halfway down (and endure the 30-second ad) to see me and fellow thrillerist Nick Cutter do an affectionate takedown of each other’s work.

National Post – Is Andrew Pyper the Next Stephen King?