The Demonologist gets a rave in the National Post!

“This book is going to be big, and it’s going to be popular, and it absolutely deserves to be both of these things. You should buy it, and read it, and let it scare you stupid…I’ll say this: I’ve read books dubbed “literary” — full stop — that didn’t contain sentences as well-crafted as the ones in The Demonologist. Pyper can write; he has an ear for dialogue and a beautiful sense of rhythm…Pyper’s take on the horror genre is interesting because it is innovative…I dare you to read it. The Demonologist might just scare the lit out of you.” — Matthew J. Trafford, National Post

The Demonologist – National Post review

National Post Interview

The first newspaper interview with me about The Demonologist is up now over at the National Post site (out in the physical paper in the Saturday edition), where the excellent Books Editor there, Mark Medley, pitched the questions and wrote the piece.

In it, I talk for the first time about some of the strange and inexplicable and vaguely troubling things that arose in the writing of the novel.

National Post – The Demonologist – Interview