Those Across the River

A while back, I read a book I just loved:  Christopher Buehlman’s first novel, Those Across the River.  Beautifully and seductively written, at once hallucinatory and visceral, thrilling both in its performance and in the pleasure of finding a new writer to cheer on to the next book.  Oh yes, and it’s scary and unsettling as hell.

I sent Christopher The Demonologist in the spirit of admiration for his work, and the suspicion that he and I might have some overlapping obsessions when it comes to taking a twist to the so-called real world.  He just wrote to say that I was right.  (Another kind soul I look forward to thanking in whisky…)

“Andrew Pyper’s satisfying prose propels a narrative sure to please readers with or without a dog-eared copy of Milton’s Paradise Lost on their shelves.  If you’re looking for smart horror that chills without resorting to Grand Guignol, give The Demonologist a look.”  — Christopher Buehlman