The Demonologist Makes It 9 Weeks

Returned home from the Dark Side Tour appearances in Calgary, Vancouver and Ottawa (all great fun) to see The Demonologist paperback on the Globe and Mail’s bestseller list for a 9th week (in the #9 spot).

Scary nice.  And I’m frightfully grateful.  (Forgive me).

The Demonologist…is #1!!

In its fourth week out, The Demonologist is #1 on the Globe and Mail’s Canadian bestseller list this weekend!  Thanks to everyone who’s read the book, and maybe talked about it to other people you thought might like it, and people who work in bookstores who’ve sold it to people you thought might like it, and just, you know, everyone.

I was going to have a quiet night at home re-watching The Silence of the Lambs.  That all might have to change now…

The Demonologist next to My Hero

I’m not going to do this every week, even if it’s on the list, I promise.  But I can’t resist this week.

Why not?  Well, The Demonologist paperback in out this month in Canada, and in its second week, it’s up to #2 on the Globe and Mail Canadian Bestseller List.  But what’s really giddy-making for me is that I’m right below my literary hero, Alice Munro.  To be sidled up next to her on a list – a list of books! the two of us! – is as close to Fan Boy thrilled as I’m likely to get.



The Demonologist a National Bestseller at Chapters/Indigo Canada!

Just wanted to share the cool news that, at the moment, The Demonologist is the #4 In-Store Bestseller at Chapters/Indigo (the biggest – and one and only – national bookstore chain in Canada).  And while that’s nice and all, it means that if you go into one of those stores you can get the new paperback for 40% off…which means it’s essentially free, give or take ten bucks.

Thanks to those who’ve bought and/or read and/or told their friends they liked it.  You’re good – if mildly twisted – people.

The Demonologist – 8 Weeks!

It’s a sunny day here in Toronto.  That wouldn’t be such a remarkable claim except that the preceding hundred days have felt like they’ve been covered with a grey canvas tarp.  But hey, I’m not complaining, because the sun is here now…

…AND The Demonologist is on the Maclean’s Bestseller List here in Canada for an 8th straight week!  Maybe I’ll celebrate by actually going outside and feeling some of that sunshine on my face.

The Demonologist on the Canadian Bestseller List – Week #8

Two Straight Weeks at #2!

Holy smokers.

The Demonologist is #2 on the Maclean’s Hardcover Fiction Bestseller List for a second straight week!  (Four weeks straight on the list, and four weeks straight as the #1 Canadian hardcover).

I’m so thrilled I think I’m going to shave.  (My face).  With a new razorblade!