The Demonologist and the Movies

So it’s rather a lot to report all at once (I really have to get better at this blog thing) but, to begin, I’ve written a new novel.  It’s called The Demonologist.  And though it won’t see the light of day, book-form-wise, until mid-October in the U.K. (and sometime early in 2013 everywhere else) it’s been optioned for film.  By Universal Pictures.  To be produced by ImageMovers.  Which is Robert Zemeckis’ company.

I’d like to lend a shout out to my excellent agents on their swift campaign, namely Howard Sanders at UTA in Los Angeles, Stephanie Cabot at The Gernert Agency in New York, and Anne McDermid here in Toronto.  May I pick up your tabs at our next half dozen meetings.

The Demonologist – Deadline Hollywood