A Second Printing in the US!

I heard last night that The Demonologist is to get a Second Printing by Simon & Schuster in the US!  Which means that, if you want a First Edition (and all the enormous investment upside that such a purchase entails)…now’s the time to get in.

(Personally, I’ve banked my entire retirement savings on First Edition hardcovers.  Foolish?  We’ll see.  Oh yes.  We’ll see…)


There may yet be some changes to come, but it seems that the pub dates for The Demonologist are firming up.  Currently, Simon & Schuster is planning to publish on March 5, 2013, simultaneously in Canada and the US.  And Orion has set the novel for May 2, 2013 in the UK.  Still a ways off, in normal human anticipation-of-future-events terms, but right around the corner in publishing terms.  Certainly close enough to pre-order the book from your favourite bookstore so that it’s waiting for you, with a devilish grin, when it arrives hot off the press…

The Demonologist Finds a Home in North America

More great news I can now share!  (I don’t know what I could possibly post next week.  “Dog craps on rug…AGAIN!”  Or maybe “Toronto author proves that cure for common cold remains elusive”).

Anyway, it’s been announced in Publishers Weekly today that my forthcoming novel, The Demonologist, has a new publisher for all of North America in Simon & Schuster.  The Demonologist is something of a creative departure for me – or perhaps more an escalation – and so it feels right for it to have a new home.  I’m inspired by the brainstorms I’ve already had with my editor at S&S, Sarah Knight, and hope this is the beginning of a long, happy marriage.  Like Fonda and Hepburn in On Golden Pond.  Or something.

Here’s the piece in today’s Publishers Weekly:

The Demonologist – Publishers Weekly