Cover Reveal!!

Here it is! The cover for The Only Child.

I hope you like it along with the words inside it, the latter available June 7, 2017.



Came home from a week away teaching in Colorado to find the first, hot-off-the-press, for reals edition of The Damned! And you can bring this seemingly harmless document into your own home on February 10…


The Damned Movie News!

I’m so thrilled to share the announcement that The Damned has taken its first step toward the movies!  The film rights to the novel have been acquired by Legendary Pictures, a studio that has made some of my favorite movies of the last decade or so.

Couldn’t be happier about where my nasty little offspring found a home.

Variety – Legendary Options The Damned

Me and Sarah

Thought I’d share a pic of me and my brilliant editor at Simon & Schuster, Sarah Knight, taken last night after an event at the International Festival of Authors in Toronto.  (We don’t smile like that when taking kicks at first drafts, I can tell you).

Me and Sarah


The new book has a title – The Damned – and a cover too.  Both took a while to get right, but I gotta say, they feel like a perfect match right now.

(The Damned is out February 2015 in the US and Canada, and March 2015 in the UK).

the damned 4.indd

New Book, New Title

There isn’t a publication date (though it won’t be for a good while yet), and I can’t really tell you what it’s about (aside from it’s scary), and even what I’m about to reveal might end up being changed in the end (this is publishing, after all, so never say “It’s done!”), but there’s a title to the new novel I’m finished and now editing.  And it’s…(drum roll)…

The Damned.

So no, it’s not really what you’d call warm and fuzzy (though it is ultimately about different kinds of love, in deeply twisted ways).

You can read the teaser opening pages of The Damned at the back of the Canadian paperback of The Demonologist that’s out now, as well as the US edition out in March.

Happy Damned New Year!

The Demonologist Paperback Out Today Canada-side!

As most of North America huddles beneath blankets and leaves well-crafted excuses at work explaining how they can’t come in today, The Demonologist paperback is published in Canada!

It’s an exciting way to start a new year – not just because it’s a new edition of the new book, but also because it’s such a beautiful wee document.  If you haven’t seen the cover yet, click below to witness the artful creepiness.

Happy New Year, Demons and Angels All!

The Demonologist – Paperback (Canada)

Lost Girls an E-Book in the U.S.

Today’s the day that the e-book edition of Lost Girls, my first novel, becomes available as an electro-read in the U.S. for the first time.

First published back through the dimmest mists of time (that is, 1999), it’s a book that keeps on inventing new lives for itself.  And look at it now!  All shiny and digitized!

Lost Girls e-book

The Story of the Next Two Novels

Simon & Schuster (both in the U.S. and Canada) will be the publisher of my next two novels, and I honestly couldn’t be happier!!  Everyone on both sides of the 49 have been great to work with on The Demonologist, none greater than my editor, Sarah Knight.

Publishers Weekly announced the deal today:

PW – Deals Column, May 20, 2013

The first book is currently titled Ash, and though the PW piece says a bit more about it, I think I’ll keep mum myself for now.  I will say this though:  I’m having a blast writing it…