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Cover Reveal! Paperback of THE DAMNED

Here’s the trade paperback cover design of The Damned that Simon & Schuster has come up with for Canada and the U.S.  I really like it.  But then again, I’m the sort who can stare into a fire for hours, … More

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Life Is Like a Box of DEMONOLOGISTS…

The US paperback is here!  (And it will be out everywhere else March 11).

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The Demonologist a Canadian Bestseller in Paperback!

I am thrilled to see The Demonologist is back on the Globe and Mail Canadian Fiction bestseller list, this time in its paperback edition.  Even more thrilling is that it’s at #3 in its first full week out! Thanks for … More

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New Book, New Title

There isn’t a publication date (though it won’t be for a good while yet), and I can’t really tell you what it’s about (aside from it’s scary), and even what I’m about to reveal might end up being changed in … More

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The Demonologist Paperback Out Today Canada-side!

As most of North America huddles beneath blankets and leaves well-crafted excuses at work explaining how they can’t come in today, The Demonologist paperback is published in Canada! It’s an exciting way to start a new year – not just … More

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THE GUARDIANS paperback…out now!

The title just about says it all. The trade paperback edition of The Guardians is available in stores and on-line (and everywhere else) in Canada and the U.S. on September 13, and though this announcement comes a day early, you … More

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The Guardians in the Mail on Sunday

With the paperback publication of The Guardians set for September 13 in Canada and the US, and with the UK paperback due early in the new year, I’m presently enjoying the my-work-here-is-done process of viewing, tweaking, and signing off on … More

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