Lost Girls Makes You Proud to be Canadian

Over at the CBC Books website, in honour of Canada Day, they’ve compiled a list of the all-time 100 Novels That Make You Proud To Be Canadian.  And guess what?  My first novel, Lost Girls is on it!

Aside from the terrific honour at having my book on the list with The Greats, I’m proud in a slightly different way.

It’s the feeling that my story – a made-up thing about ghosts and a cokehead lawyer and a monstrous Lady of the Lake who pulls swimmers down into a lake’s depths – has entered people’s consciousness in unexpected and reality-reshaping ways.  To think that something I’ve written has changed (however slightly) the way some might see a familiar thing – a northern lake, a neglected town – is rewarding beyond description.

CBC Books – 100 Novels That Make You Proud To Be Canadian


It has all come to this. The last day to vote The Demonologist for Best Thriller/Mystery of 2013 in the CBC Bookies!

It has been a long and absurd competition, one that, in true Canadian fashion, has a low-stakes but also comically meaningful prize at the finish line…the Golden Beaver! If you would, please go to http://www.cbc.ca/books/the-bookies-2014-vote-for-the-best-books-of-the-past-year.html  and give The Demonologist your vote. It will change the very DNA of Canadian Literature forever. (Well no, not even close, but this message needs a dramatic closer).