The Demonologist an Amazon Best Book of the Year

The insightful and attractive people over at have recently announced their Top 20 favourite books of 2013, and The Demonologist is one of them!  They have it coming in at #16 overall (and that includes international and non-fiction titles as well as fiction).

I’m pleased about this, naturally – and doubly so because my novel is a thriller (a psychological horror thriller, to be even more categorical) – and books like mine rarely find their way through such Best Of filters.  Very grateful.

You can check out all the lists here:

Amazon Best Books of 2013

The Demonologist is an Amazon Top 10 Best Books of the Year So Far!

Over at, in the I-Sure-As-Hell-Wasn’t-Expecting-That Department, The Demonologist has been picked as one of the Ten Best Books of the Year So Far!  It’s also one among only two Canadian works of fiction selected (along with Lisa Moore’s new novel, Caught).  The Demonologist holds the #8 slot overall.

This is surprising and amazing, to say the least.  Thanks, editors!  If you were looking to make somebody’s morning today, your work is done.

Here’s the press release and the complete list: Best Books of the Year So Far

Amazon Book of the Month: Even Better Than I Thought

Wanted to follow up on my last post announcing that The Demonologist has been chosen a Best Book of the Month by  This remains true.  But at first I thought the selection was part of a long list, and one limited to Mystery/Thriller titles.

Turns out to be even better than that:  The Demonologist is a Top Ten Picks of the Month, including all genres,  non-fiction, memoir and fiction alike.

This is, as a NHL between-periods interviewee might put it, a little bit huge.

The Demonologist – Top Ten Amazon Book of the Month

The Demonologist is an Best of the Month!

There’s a star e-stickered to the page for The Demonologist I just saw, a star that says “Best of the Month.”  What does this mean?  It means that the good (and attractive, and tasteful, and smart) people at Amazon have chosen the book as among the best novels – among Mysteries & Thrillers particularly – going on sale in March.  This is delightful and surprising – delightfully surprising? – news!

By the way, for those in the US and other territories where you can order from, the hardcover edition of The Demonologist is on sale at the moment for $14.  Fourteen clams!  You can barely buy a tuna sandwich and a Mountain Dew for that these days.

The Demonologist – Amazon Editor’s Pick