Reviews for The Wildfire Season

“Stampeding narrative urgency…A fierce morality tale.”
– The New York Times

“Excellent pacing and credible characters…Pyper writes beautifully about the splendor and dangers of the wilderness.  He doesn’t anthropomorphize, but his understanding of bears and fire imbues both with a life force.”
– Publisher’s Weekly

“Pyper is the Great White North’s answer to America’s Michael Connelly.  The big difference between the two?  1)  Connelly has written eight times as many books, and 2) Pyper’s new novel is better than most of them…With “The Wildfire Season,” Pyper takes a lit match to the emo-thriller formula and sends it up in smoke faster than flash paper…Literate, raw…searingly poetic.  He succeeds in tracing the life-span and aftermath of tragedy…plumbing depths not normally explored in your average mystery novel.”
– San Diego Union-Tribune

“This novel’s on fire…Andrew Pyper knows how to whirl a complex plot into motion…but exceeds the demands of the suspense-thriller genre.  Pyper is a literary craftsman who knows what he is doing at all times, a consummate professional who, judging from The Wildfire Season, proposes to burn for a very long time.”
– The Globe and Mail

“A brilliant melding of mystery, suspense, survival…It’s an irresistable force…The plotting and pacing are impeccable…A balance between narrative urgency and literary quality is hard to strike, but Pyper makes it look easy.  It’s powerful, absorbing reading from one of Canada’s finest young writers.”
– The Vancouver Sun

“Andrew Pyper has talent galore and sure hands, ratcheting up the suspense
to the very end.”

– Stewart O’Nan, author of The Good Wife

“Lost Girls was one of the most stunning debuts I’ve read: literate, scary, haunting. Now, with The Wildfire Season , Andrew Pyper has solidified that marvellous potential. A novel of true haunting loneliness and isolation, plus a gripping story that scorches off the page.

This novel of extraordinary power combines the supernatural, edge of your seat suspense, nature in all its wondrous ferocity, and scars–visible and invisible. The writing is a dream, demonstrating that indeed, the past can kill. This is a novel that blazes with all the ingriedients of the best literature.”
– Ken Bruen, author of The Guards and The Magdalen Martyrs

“* * * * [Four stars out of four].”
– Vrij Nederland (Holland)

“The suspense is unremitting.  Pyper executes the story¹s twists and turns brilliantly…Utterly ripping….The Wildfire Season is a great read.”
– Winnipeg Free Press

“Outstanding…The encounter between Miles and Alex, with its sharp, unsentimental examination of emotional cowardice and self-pity, would make a fine book in itself, but this is after all a thriller, and Pyper’s pacing is impeccable.  A captivating book.”
– London Evening Standard (U.K.)

“The Wildfire Season is a big, modern-day adventure story, filled with suspense…But most of all, it¹s a well-drawn portrait of the northern Canadian wilderness that most city dwellers rarely give a thought to.”
– The Calgary Herald

“Pyper proves to be a wickedly funny and astute observer of the human condition…The Wildfire Season is moving and utterly convincing.”
– The Edmonton Journal

“Andrew Pyper’s rich new novel possesses all the attributes of the wildfire it describes – headlong momentum and harrowing surprises.  It is a rarity, a literary page-turner, a bracing mix of physical adventure and astute psychological portraiture.”
– Guy Vanderhaeghe, author of The Englishman’s Boy and The Last Crossing

“Pyper has carved out a niche for himself and he has many fans, on both sides of the Atlantic, who love what he does.”
-Ottawa Citizen

“About as gripping and stress filled as a reasonably sensitive reader can stand…Superbly crafted…One of the great and unique strengths of The Wildfire Season is that actions speak louder than words throughout the tale.”
The Yukon News

“Wholly engaging and satisfying.”
NOW Magazine

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