Reviews for The Trade Mission

“Pyper’s follow-up to Lost Girls is plenty spooky…Agreeably terrifying and all quite believable.”

– Kirkus Reviews

“[The Trade Mission] shows a writer of great confidence and originality…Pyper is not just preoccupied with questions of morality, he has the ability to explore them in a compellingly non-didactic way.”

– The Herald (UK)

“[The Trade Mission] is a sombre portrait of men and women under the most intense psychological and physical pressure. It packs a mean punch – and some rude surprises…A wonderfully twisted updating of James Dickey’s Deliverance, this one will grip you.”

– The Guardian (UK)

“[The Trade Mission] is a powerfully written, spiky and always gripping drama that doesn’t fit easily into any genre, combining as it does Stephen King…with Joseph Conrad to produce a work that is strongly redolent of the early novels of Ian McEwan.”

– The Independent On Sunday


– The Times (London)

“Pyper, reacting quickly to the narrative possibilities of the dot-com phenomenon, has found a luscious, unusual – and, most of all, dangerous – setting, and written a story with gusto, as well as blood and guts.”

– Noah Richler, The National Post

“Pyper writes with a narcotic mixture of reverence for the dangers of the Amazon region and a scalding appreciation of the pain that humans can inflict upon one another. It’s a portrait of uncivilized behaviour that’s breathtaking…a thrilling, dread-inducing, edge-of-the-seat climax…It’s a thriller with a serious centre.”

– The Globe And Mail

“He [Pyper] has an excellent feel for the soul-less desperation of a certain segment our affluent young…[The Trade Mission] has a nice, biting noir feel to it that is assured and genuinely unsettling.”

-Philip Marchand, The Toronto Star
(Top Ten Best Books of the Year)

“Andrew Pyper has come up with another thriller that combines suspense and substance….As he has before, Pyper shows deftness in conveying the workings of the human mind at moments of peak crisis (the passage describing the ambush of the tour boat ought to be used in creative writing classes as a how-to), and he’s very good on the physical details…Mission accomplished.”

– The Montreal Gazette

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“A terrific, compulsively readable thriller.”

– The Ottawa Citizen

“Meticulously composed psychological suspense…”

– Montreal Mirror

“Pyper’s writing skills seem perfect for depicting horrors in prose that is meticulous, often elegant and not without a brand of very dark humour…There is more than enough suspense to go around. The same goes for the thrills. As for the literary part, Andrew Pyper demonstrates himself to be a very fine writer in all the meanings of the adjective.”

– The Toronto Star

“Brilliant … a modern Heart of Darkness.”

– The Vancouver Sun

“Andrew Pyper¹s The Trade Mission is a gritty literary thriller…Wallace, Bates, and Crossman endure the jungle’s ‘body of lush malevolence’ and learn about misplaced values, greed, and the promise of the discovery of the true self. The Trade Mission is a compulsive read about a devastatingly grueling physical and mental journey.”

-Books in Canada

“This is a thriller, but Pyper’s mature reflections on the nature of morality lift it above the genre … there are ideas in The Trade Mission as well as thrills.”

– The Review (Canada)

“This brilliant, talented writer, just 34, has already produced two engaging, immensely entertaining, thought-provoking novels.”

– The Halifax Chronicle-Herald

“Pyper has written an extraordinarily sharp and original novel … The Trade Mission is a fine demonstration of how so-called “literary thrillers” ought to be done.”


“Pyper is a huge talent whose eye for character, scene and real life is unrivalled in the current crop of young Canadian novelists.”

– Canada Post

“Pyper’s prose…is lush and suffused with psychological insight…[he] is a talented stylist and a masterful psychological portraitist.”

– Publishers Weekly

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