Canadian reviews for Lost Girls

“Exquisite… Pyper’s writing moves fluidly from casutic wit to moments of striking insight and beauty…Lost Girls itself inhabits, more than anything, Atwood country (with added passion) — a smart, wry, controlled tone narrating a northwoods Gothic. A satisfying, old-style morality tale set in a rippig good — and complex–story brimming over with 90’s style pockmarked souls and bruised psyches.”

The Globe and Mail (editor’s choice)

“What sets Lost Girls apart is its brilliant evocation of place and mood…For readers who relish metaphor with their narrative meat, Lost Girls is a rich meal.”

— Maclean’s

‘”Exceptional…Reads as though it were the secret love child of Alice Munro and Stephen King.”

The Montreal Gazette

“Andrew Pyper does for Northern Ontario what Charles Dickens did for the streets of London: he brings the landscape alive, giving it a sense of character and history. Lost Girls is much more than a crime story.”

Quill & Quire (starred review)

“**** …Lost Girls, for want of another trite cliche, is one of those books you can’t put down once you’ve started. And that’s both because the writing itself is such a joy and the increasingly intricate story is fascinating.”

— eye weekly

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