My Naughtiest of All-Time Naughty List

Chatelaine Magazine asked me what my Top 5 Thriller Reads of All Time are, and though it was hard as hell to shave it down to a number that small, it was fun to really ask myself what books have stayed with me, influenced me, rewired my brain the most.

Read! Violently Disagree!  Cheer! Read the books! Repeat!

Chatelaine – Top 5 Thrillers of All Time

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Despite my best efforts at denial and Tantric time-slowing, 2013 is winding down.  It’s been a great year hereabouts, and for a number of reasons.  I’m grateful for all of it – I’m grateful just to be around, to be honest, “good” year or “bad” – and that includes you all for checking in and maybe reading the books and maybe enjoying them and maybe even telling me so.  It means just about everything to me.

So here’s to a happy and time-slowed 2014!  Enjoy!

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The Demonologist a Globe and Mail Best Book!

It may be a little surprising to see a novel about demons among the Christmas season picks in a national newspaper, but that’s where you’ll find The Demonologist this morning in the Globe and Mail’s Best 100 Books of the Year list.

It’s a wonderful honour to be on it, as it includes amazing Canadian fiction, non-fiction, international titles, graphic, poetry, the whole multi-genre bag.  Happy Evil Holidays!

The Globe and Mail Best 100 Books of 2013

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The Demonologist an Amazon Best Book of the Year

The insightful and attractive people over at have recently announced their Top 20 favourite books of 2013, and The Demonologist is one of them!  They have it coming in at #16 overall (and that includes international and non-fiction titles as well as fiction).

I’m pleased about this, naturally – and doubly so because my novel is a thriller (a psychological horror thriller, to be even more categorical) – and books like mine rarely find their way through such Best Of filters.  Very grateful.

You can check out all the lists here:

Amazon Best Books of 2013

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Lost Girls an E-Book in the U.S.

Today’s the day that the e-book edition of Lost Girls, my first novel, becomes available as an electro-read in the U.S. for the first time.

First published back through the dimmest mists of time (that is, 1999), it’s a book that keeps on inventing new lives for itself.  And look at it now!  All shiny and digitized!

Lost Girls e-book

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Huffington Post puts The Demonologist on its Creepy List

Over at the Huffington Post Books section, Christopher Buehlman has compiled a list of scary books titled “11 Novels That Will Creep You the Fuck Out.”  I’m delighted to see The Demonologist on the list!

Huffington Post – 11 Novels That Will Creep You Out

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Latest Movie News for The Demonologist

Wanted to share the latest on The Demonologist‘s voyage towards the screen.  Today, The Hollywood Reporter (and now elsewhere) is reporting that hot screenwriter Jonathan Herman has been hired by ImageMovers and Universal to do a re-write on the script.

I’m excited by this for a number of reasons, most if not all of which can’t be discussed publicly  yet!

Anyway, here’s the story, with additional details:

The Hollywood Reporter – Sept. 18, 2013

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The Demonologist is an Amazon Top 10 Best Books of the Year So Far!

Over at, in the I-Sure-As-Hell-Wasn’t-Expecting-That Department, The Demonologist has been picked as one of the Ten Best Books of the Year So Far!  It’s also one among only two Canadian works of fiction selected (along with Lisa Moore’s new novel, Caught).  The Demonologist holds the #8 slot overall.

This is surprising and amazing, to say the least.  Thanks, editors!  If you were looking to make somebody’s morning today, your work is done.

Here’s the press release and the complete list: Best Books of the Year So Far

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The Story of the Next Two Novels

Simon & Schuster (both in the U.S. and Canada) will be the publisher of my next two novels, and I honestly couldn’t be happier!!  Everyone on both sides of the 49 have been great to work with on The Demonologist, none greater than my editor, Sarah Knight.

Publishers Weekly announced the deal today:

PW – Deals Column, May 20, 2013

The first book is currently titled Ash, and though the PW piece says a bit more about it, I think I’ll keep mum myself for now.  I will say this though:  I’m having a blast writing it…


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My Review of Dan Brown’s Inferno

I reviewed Dan Brown’s latest, Inferno, over at the National Post.  Given the embargoes and secrecy and rules surrounding the release of the book, I ended up with about 24 hours to read and write about it, so the whole thing’s a bit of a blur.  Then again, I think Dan Brown books are meant to be blurs.  Puzzle-packed and jetting around and not knowing quite what the hell is going on but that’s okay, you don’t really have to.

You’ve got to hand it to him, though:  he’s found his thing, and nobody does it like he does.  And as they say of a certain beer here in Canada – the one I drink, as a matter of fact: “Those who like it, like it a lot.”

Review of Inferno – National Post

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