The Demonologist…is #1!!

In its fourth week out, The Demonologist is #1 on the Globe and Mail’s Canadian bestseller list this weekend!  Thanks to everyone who’s read the book, and maybe talked about it to other people you thought might like it, and people who work in bookstores who’ve sold it to people you thought might like it, and just, you know, everyone.

I was going to have a quiet night at home re-watching The Silence of the Lambs.  That all might have to change now…

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Thank You

Thanks to all who voted and supported the campaign for The Demonologist in the running for the CBC Bookies Award.  Alas, we didn’t win this time around.  But I’ve been astonished – and genuinely touched – by the efforts so many made on the book’s behalf.  In the end, we came second…with over 1,300 votes!

I love you all.  And I’m not kidding.

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It has all come to this. The last day to vote The Demonologist for Best Thriller/Mystery of 2013 in the CBC Bookies!

It has been a long and absurd competition, one that, in true Canadian fashion, has a low-stakes but also comically meaningful prize at the finish line…the Golden Beaver! If you would, please go to  and give The Demonologist your vote. It will change the very DNA of Canadian Literature forever. (Well no, not even close, but this message needs a dramatic closer).


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The Demonologist next to My Hero

I’m not going to do this every week, even if it’s on the list, I promise.  But I can’t resist this week.

Why not?  Well, The Demonologist paperback in out this month in Canada, and in its second week, it’s up to #2 on the Globe and Mail Canadian Bestseller List.  But what’s really giddy-making for me is that I’m right below my literary hero, Alice Munro.  To be sidled up next to her on a list – a list of books! the two of us! – is as close to Fan Boy thrilled as I’m likely to get.



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Signing The Demonologist with the Girl It’s Dedicated To

OSC Family Literacy Day Jan 26 2014 TNP-886

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The Demonologist a Canadian Bestseller in Paperback!

I am thrilled to see The Demonologist is back on the Globe and Mail Canadian Fiction bestseller list, this time in its paperback edition.  Even more thrilling is that it’s at #3 in its first full week out!

Thanks for reading. Seriously.

The Globe and Mail – Canadian Bestseller List – January 25, 2014

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The Demon Community Needs Your Vote!

The CBC Bookie Awards are on now, and The Demonologist has been nominated for Thriller of the Year (that year being last year, 2013, as this year, 2014, is too young to have demonstrated the best of anything yet).  It’s an honest-to-god honour to be in the running with some great fellow Canadian mystery and suspense novelists.

If you feel so inclined, why not hit the link below, scroll down to the Mystery & Thriller titles, and give the demons your vote.  Thank you!

(This message has been endorsed by the Committee for the Advancement of Demonologists).

CBC Bookies Voting Page

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The Demonologist a National Bestseller at Chapters/Indigo Canada!

Just wanted to share the cool news that, at the moment, The Demonologist is the #4 In-Store Bestseller at Chapters/Indigo (the biggest – and one and only – national bookstore chain in Canada).  And while that’s nice and all, it means that if you go into one of those stores you can get the new paperback for 40% off…which means it’s essentially free, give or take ten bucks.

Thanks to those who’ve bought and/or read and/or told their friends they liked it.  You’re good – if mildly twisted – people.

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New Book, New Title

There isn’t a publication date (though it won’t be for a good while yet), and I can’t really tell you what it’s about (aside from it’s scary), and even what I’m about to reveal might end up being changed in the end (this is publishing, after all, so never say “It’s done!”), but there’s a title to the new novel I’m finished and now editing.  And it’s…(drum roll)…

The Damned.

So no, it’s not really what you’d call warm and fuzzy (though it is ultimately about different kinds of love, in deeply twisted ways).

You can read the teaser opening pages of The Damned at the back of the Canadian paperback of The Demonologist that’s out now, as well as the US edition out in March.

Happy Damned New Year!

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The Demonologist Paperback Out Today Canada-side!

As most of North America huddles beneath blankets and leaves well-crafted excuses at work explaining how they can’t come in today, The Demonologist paperback is published in Canada!

It’s an exciting way to start a new year – not just because it’s a new edition of the new book, but also because it’s such a beautiful wee document.  If you haven’t seen the cover yet, click below to witness the artful creepiness.

Happy New Year, Demons and Angels All!

The Demonologist – Paperback (Canada)

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