The Demonologist in the Daily Mail and Sunday Telegraph

The Demonologist is out this week in the UK, and the first couple reviews I’ve seen have been very kind.  Here’s bits from the ones I’ve seen in the Sunday Telegraph and Daily Mail.

“A stunningly crafted, intelligent and moving horror story… There is an elegance to the storytelling and a command of what evil may mean, that lingers with you long after the end. No surprise that it is development as a major film.” — Daily Mail (UK)

“Milton’s demons pervade The Demonologist by Andrew Pyper.  Speaking through the possessed and dead, they hold a professor’s daughter hostage, wanting him to work for them. Just how emerges slowly during a road tour of America.  Gothic grotesquery. Effective, literate, nightmarish.” — Sunday Telegraph

Week #5 in the Globe for the Demons!

It’s a super-crappy day here in Toronto, rainsleeting and depresso-skied, the kind of day when good news is especially welcome.  And then…

…the sun came out!  (Well, no, the sun didn’t actually come out.  But there was some good news).

The Demonologist is on The Globe and Mail’s Canadian fiction bestseller list for a 5th week!  You can’t rain on that parade.  (Well, you can, but it’ll still be a good parade).

The Globe and Mail Canadian Bestseller List – April, 2013

What Makes GONE GIRL Go?

If you’re among the dozen or so people who haven’t read Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl yet, you really should.  There hasn’t been a thriller with its kind of word-of-mouth popularity for quite a long while, and it’s all deserved.  It’s the kind of book that has “crossed over” so many sub-markets and sub-genres that it’s prompted a lot of discussion as to why.  What, exactly, makes Gone Girl go?

I’ve written a blog for my UK publisher, Orion, answering this very question.  You can check it out at the Murder Room…

How Gillian Flynn Out-Highsmiths Highsmith

Project Bookmark Canada

I’ve written a blog that’s up today supporting Project Bookmark Canada (link below).  It’s an initiative that my dad would support (you’ll have to read the blog to understand why), I support (obviously), and I think you should support too (the blog makes the case for this, though it’s naturally up to you).

Anyway, click through and see what it’s all about.  Very cool, methinks.

Oh, and if you make a donation, you could win a copy of The Demonologist!

Project Bookmark Canada

Two Straight Weeks at #2!

Holy smokers.

The Demonologist is #2 on the Maclean’s Hardcover Fiction Bestseller List for a second straight week!  (Four weeks straight on the list, and four weeks straight as the #1 Canadian hardcover).

I’m so thrilled I think I’m going to shave.  (My face).  With a new razorblade!

A Second Printing in the US!

I heard last night that The Demonologist is to get a Second Printing by Simon & Schuster in the US!  Which means that, if you want a First Edition (and all the enormous investment upside that such a purchase entails)…now’s the time to get in.

(Personally, I’ve banked my entire retirement savings on First Edition hardcovers.  Foolish?  We’ll see.  Oh yes.  We’ll see…)