The Demonologist is an Amazon Top 10 Best Books of the Year So Far!

Over at, in the I-Sure-As-Hell-Wasn’t-Expecting-That Department, The Demonologist has been picked as one of the Ten Best Books of the Year So Far!  It’s also one among only two Canadian works of fiction selected (along with Lisa Moore’s new novel, Caught).  The Demonologist holds the #8 slot overall.

This is surprising and amazing, to say the least.  Thanks, editors!  If you were looking to make somebody’s morning today, your work is done.

Here’s the press release and the complete list: Best Books of the Year So Far

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  1. we just wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed ‘The Demonologist’. A wonderful read that will mean more as time goes on, as it has been the greatest piece of inspiration for Jay’s new book (as yet unfinished story with demonic overtones)
    Jay has had a strong sympathetic connection with Paradise Lost for a long time, and your book reawakened long lost theories and emotions.
    Thank you so mucg for writing it!

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