Michael Koryta on The Demonologist

Michael Koryta is a different writer from me.  His interests, his style, his terrain, his people are all his own.  But we also share certain inclinations, particularly an interest in marrying the supernatural with the grounded, the fantastical with the visceral.  It’s why his response to The Demonologist is doubly meaningful for me – they are words that come from a writer I admire, and also a writer who knows what I’m up to:

“As compelling and smoothly chilling a tale as you’ll find this year. The Demonologist shows an enormously gifted writer at the top of his game, producing a novel of eerie menace and unique depth. Those of us who write supernatural stories do not throw the names Ira Levin, William Peter Blatty, and Peter Straub around lightly. You’ll be hearing all three associated with Mr. Pyper soon, and all such comparisons are warranted, the highest praise I can offer.”

 Michael Koryta, New York Times Bestselling author of The Prophet