The Killing Circle at UofT

My last novel, The Killing Circle, is on a couple of university syllabi that I’m aware of (at both my alma maters, in fact – McGill and UofT).  Why does this tickle me so much?  I think, quite aside from the fizz of pride, it is the thought of young English and Canadian Literature scholars reading my work, just as I read others during my undergrad years.  It’s a bridge between two selves:  the student and the practitioner.  Sure, it makes me feel a little old.  But sometimes the years can bring new and unexpected pleasures.

I bring all this up because the novel that precedes The Guardians, The Killing Circle, is on the reading list of a great course Professor Nick Mount teaches at UofT.  Part of its greatness is that some of the authors on the list are invited to present a talk and converse with Nick and answer questions…and this hour is open to the public.  The Killing Circle session is coming up on Friday, March 18, at 3PM in the Bader Theatre, 93 Charles Street West.  If you feel like bailing from work a bit early, come on by.  Leafy quads!  Bright young minds!  Hitting the pub afterwards!