Crush It in 2011

I was in Los Angeles a few times in 2010 taking meetings.  Meetings is all they do there.  They meet.  Arrange meetings.  Sometimes, they “push” or “shift” or even “swap” meetings.  There are sad days when meetings are cancelled altogether.  But not to worry. Tomorrow’s another meeting!

Anyway, in one of these meetings, someone encouraged me to “Crush it.”  I took him to mean something like “Hit it out of the park” or “Go nuts” or “Go where no man has gone before.”  “Crush it!” quickly became my Ironic Phrase of the Year.  If asked how my day went, my answer would be “Crushed it!”  Did you do the dishes?  “Crushed them!”  You want to meet for drinks?  “Sure!  Let’s crush it!”

I will stop saying this in the new year.  It’s pretty much my only resolution.  But I invite you to take up the phrase yourself, if you like.  Or not.  Either way, 2011 is a new year, with new opportunities and potential pleasures.  So take ahold of the 365 days to come and…crush them.